11 wines, 11% only for 1 day!

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11 wines, 11% only for 1 day!

11:11, some believe it to be an auspicious sign. Others claim that when you see 11:11, a spirit is present. We say, to join in the fun! It’s a great excuse to offer 11% off on our 11 wines for 1 day! Thank you guys for your continuous support! We also appreciate your constant messages and emails, sharing with us how you enjoyed your visit to Portugal and how much you loved our carefully selected wines and gourmet canned fish! We aim to curate and bring in more Portuguese goodies for you guys! That’s our promise!

So on this special day, we want to offer 11 great wines at a 11% discount for one day only! And you guessed it right! Only on 11th of November! Repeat after us.. 11 wines, 11% only on 11:11 ! 😉

Time to stock up on these top rated wines at unbelievable prices!

Our 11 wines will be revealed tomorrow! Make sure you remember to order them on Saturday, 11th November!

Happy boozing! x




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