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Ach.Brito Portuguese Azulejos Tiles II Soap Set (3 x 200g)


Inspired by the beauty of the facades of Portuguese buildings, the new Azulejos boxes are composed of three 200g soaps. Produced on the basis of vegetable soap, each soap offers a specific fragrance and is packaged in an exclusive label.
The Azulejos II box is composed of the Bagas Vermelhas (Red Berries) soap, which offers a fragrance of red fruits and pomegranate; the Chá de Gengibre (Gingerbread Tea) soap, with a fragrance of ginger and black tea; and the Pinho Silvestre (Wild Pine) soap with the fragrance of pine and eucalyptus.

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Ach. Brito is one of the oldest and most renowned Portuguese soap manufacturing company who distinguishes itself  not only by their decades of experience, dated back to 1887 but also their strong commitment to the selection of the best raw materials coupled with a stringent quality control that encompasses the whole manufacturing process.

Discover Portuguese soaps, they are the best in the world.




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